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Monthly Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales Updates


October 2022


  • Across the 28 states we currently monitor, EV sales claimed 2.41% market share of all vehicle sales in the month of October
  • Colorado had a great October for EV sales, increasing it’s EV sales 46% month-over-month
  • Across the 28 states we currently monitor, the top-selling non-Tesla EV Model in October was the Bolt EUV


September 2022


  • Florida saw a 29% decrease in EV sales in the month of September, while Texas increased by 28% in sales.
  • Montana continues to see growth in the EV market with a 139% increase in EV sales over the last three months compared to the previous three months.
  • South Dakota has a small EV market, but they've increased their EV sales by 141% month-over-month. 


August 2022


  • Electric Vehicles are growing market share in the midwest with increases in sales in both Ohio and Indiana over the last three months.
  • Hybrid vehicle sales saw a significant jump over the last three months in the state of California with an increase of 33.33%.
  • A slow trend upward, EVs are making a steady climb in Kentucky with 0.329% in sales over the last 12 months.


July 2022


  • Electric Vehicles are up 0.294% in the state of Florida, claiming a 2.57% market share of vehicle sales in the month of June.
  • In California, EVs are up 3.7% over the last 12 months with a significant 10.32% market share of vehicle sales in June. 
  • Hybrid and PHEVs are also on the rise over the last 12 months with the biggest increases in the states of California and Colorado.


February 2022


  • Florida is making a comeback with EV sales breaking 4,000 units in February, increasing almost 90% month-over-month.
  • While we're seeing many states drop in EV sales from January to February, Washington state jumped 28% month-over-month with almost 2,000 units sold in February.
  • The most sold EV for the month of February was the Tesla Model Y. Outside of Tesla, the highest selling EV was the Nissan LEAF.


January 2022


  • Iowa increased their EV Sales by 69% month-over-month, the largest jump across all 26 states being tracked. 
  • Louisiana and Kentucky are making strides in their state's EV sales with the second and third highest sales increase month-over-month. 
  • EV sales remain on an upward trajectory with an increase in overall sales for the third month in a row. January saw a 1.73% increase in sales over December.


December 2021


  • Wisconsin tripled their EV sales with almost 700 EV units sold in the month of December.
  • Maine recorded a 101% increase in EV sales month-over-month.
  • EV sales continue to climb steadily with December EV sales claiming 1.66% of all vehicles sold in that month. Up from 1.50% in November.


November 2021


  • Another small increase in month-over-month EV sales, November saw EVs claiming 1.50% of all vehicle sales in November.
  • While almost all states had a decrease in EV sales, Florida (+119%), Michigan (+21%) and Tennessee (+13%) increased EV sales month-over-month.
  • While Tesla models outsell all other EV models, the LEAF and Mustang Mach-E closely follow with nearly 3k new and used sold units combined in November.


October 2021


  • Increasing slightly from last month, EV sales account for 1.43% of all vehicles sales in October.*
  • Texas increased their EV sales 131% month-over-month (Sept 2021 vs Oct 2021), and ranked the second highest state for EV sales for October.
  • Louisiana also saw a drastic increase in EV sales with a 90% increase month-over-month.


September 2021


  • Currently, EVs hold 1.09% of the 2.9 million vehicles sold in September.*
  • California ranks as the top State for all EVs sold in September, with 5.15% of sold units in the State being EVs.
  • Top EV model in September was the Tesla Model 3 with over 11,000 units sold, followed by the Tesla Model Y with just over 8,400 units sold.




Source: Cross-Sell Interactive®

*DISCLAIMER: Cross-Sell uses, and relies on the accuracy of, information received from the 29 states that provide the reports, and the data included on this page is derived solely from that information.

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